Data Trends

Data-driven decision making and performance-based transportation planning

TRPA has been at the forefront of environmental stewardship through data-driven decision making since its inception. The performance measurement framework supports our understanding of the system’s operating effectiveness and helps to identify the projects and programs that will most effectively lead to the achievement of regional goals.

Recent federal transportation legislation (MAP-21 & FAST Act) has introduced new requirements for metropolitan planning organizations to use performance-based planning as part of regional transportation planning. TRPA has carried out performance-based planning at the regional scale for many years through the Region's threshold evaluation and transportation monitoring reports (Threshold Evaluation Reports2016 Bike/Ped Report, 2014 Transportation Report)

TRPA has developed a list of transportation measures that are used for performance-based planning (List of Measures). Monitoring and data collection for these measures is ongoing and will be accessible below as data becomes available.

Transportation Monitoring Programs

TRPA and its partners monitor conditions, collect data, and evaluate them to inform transportation policy and programs. Existing and ondoing TRPA monitoring programs include Bicycle/Pedestrian, Transit, Safety, Congestion, General Roadway, Parking, Travel Behavior, and Parking. Specific data are collected per prescribed data collection and monitoring protocols which make it reproducible, consistent, and reliable for analysis and informed decision making. Multimodal data collection and monitoring protocols provide standardization and guidance for partners to consistently collect the fine-grained modal data necessary to support the performance measurement framework. These protocols yield robust data that facilitate direct “apples to apples” comparison and trending over time, meet federal, state, and local requirements, and drive achievement of regional goals.

Select from the list of monitoring programs below for more detailed information on each individual program. The Transportation Monitoring page is currently under development and will include all transportation monitoring information, raw and analyzed data downloads, and additional tools and reports. Please check back regularly to utilize these updates as they progress.

Transportation Measures

TRPA uses data-driven decision making and performance-based planning to assess our transportation system and identify projects and programs that will achieve regional goals. Below are a sample of the measures that TRPA uses for performance-based planning.