Regional Vision

A first-class transportation system that prioritizes bicycling, walking, and transit, and serves residents and visitors while contributing to the environmental and socioeconomic health of the Region.

Over the next two decades, a fully interconnected, multi-modal transportation system will give people real travel options to get to, from, and around the Lake Tahoe Region, and improve access to travel information so that people see and understand the costs, benefits, and impacts associated with their travel choices. To avoid congestion, travelers will choose among easy, reliable, safe, and affordable travel options that seamlessly interconnect. 

The Regional Transportation Plan, updated every four years,  is a blueprint to achieve the long-term transportation vision for Lake Tahoe. Applying its three major action categories of transit, trails, and technology at a more detailed level means addressing the needs and travel patterns of three distinct user groups: Residents, commuters, and visitors.

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